What is LOFT at Total Package MedSpa? We hope it is something that will become part of your regular monthly routine! Every month, we will bring you new, exciting and invigorating topics that impact you, the group and our community!

LOFT is our version of a contemporary meet-up group that is committed to health promotion from the inside out. Our goal is to provide a safe, positive environment where you will instantly realize you are not alone. This is a place where everyone pulls up a chair to engage in authentic conversations about what affects YOU the most. We will leave societal pressures and stigmas at the door and talk about topics that are not always easy to tackle such as:

• Anxiety & Depression
• Sexuality
• Divorce
• Parenting
• Sexual and physical violence
• Bullying
• Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Life after loss
• Nutrition
• Cooking healthier to live longer
• Exercise smarter not harder
• Isolation
• Time management
• Self-improvement
• Complementary Medicine
• Meditation
• Mindfulness
• Men’s health
• Single parenting
• Career changes
• Psychosocial distress
• Spirituality
• Addiction
• Eating disorders
• Chronic pain
• Self confidence
• Acceptance
• Finding purpose

Our Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist, Joni Larson and our Owner, Ginger Conklin, RN,BSN will be present to facilitate discussions on the application and development of a lifestyle that maintains your overall health and well-being. Research shows that people live longer if they take care of themselves emotionally and physically. Together, we will provide a plethora of “get better, feel better” tips that will put you on the path to optimal living!

We’ll be accepting a free will donation which includes an AMAZING lunch! We’ll be serving swill chicken enchiladas. Proceeds will be donated back to the community to support the mental and emotional health of our community and the surrounding areas.

Join us at Total Package MedSpa as we work to better understand stress and provide a practical approach to reducing it in your life and this, improving you health and emotional well being.

Contact us today to reserve your spot, space is limited!
(605) 725-4772, visit us on Facebook for more details.