Melasma Peels

Melasma Peels in Aberdeen South Dakota

Melasma is a disorder of hyperpigmentation, which is characterized by blotchy, light-to-dark brown macules, or small flat skin spots and is referred to as the “mask of pregnancy”. Appearing on the sun-exposed parts of the body, the macules are symmetrically distributed. Chemical peels are a well-known treatment for melasma. The chemical peel for melasma removes the unwanted melanin using a controlled chemical burn to the skin. Peels are used as a solor treatment and in combination with other treatment options.


Regain Confidence

Melasma can be a difficult condition for professionals to overcome, especially individuals with dark complexions. Individuals suffering from this condition may feel a sense of insecurity and hopelessness. Never hide behind your melasma again, and let Total Package Med Spa help you flaunt your radiant skin.

Reverse Discoloration

Through a series of treatments at Total Package Med Spa, the melasma peel can promote brightening, lightening, and correcting the pigmentation by suppressing the cells that produce melanin. This can reverse the pigmentations caused by hyperactive melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin.


Formulated specifically to treat the dark patches caused by pigmentation problems, this peel has proved through clinical trials to be the safest and most effective treatment for darker complexions.

Conditions Improved by Melasma Peels




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