Who We Are

Who We Are

The synergy of mind, body, and spirit is what Total Package MedSpa recognizes, addresses, and brings to others through the implementation of excellence in quality and service. We truly believe that optimal living is multi-factorial and our integrative approach to functional health utilizes various modalities to help optimize your health and well-being. The pursuit of allowing people to evolve into the person they desire to be in mind, body, and spirit is brought to life by our cutting-edge technology paired with our passionate and educated practitioners.

Our Team

Ginger ConklinPsychiatric Nurse Practitioner Owner
Paige DargatzCertified Nurse Practitioner
Debbie ThurstonRegistered Nurse
Heather HedgesRegistered Nurse
Melissa SchwanLicensed Practical Nurse
Nicole ZelmerLicensed Esthetician
Jennifer Gilchrist
Suzanne Gilchrist
Jes Holt
Kendra Woytassek
Melissa KurtzDirector of Marketing

What We Do


Discover the ideal you.
Discover our cutting edge treatments.
Discover our caring and talented staff.


Regenerate your skin.
Regenerate your outlook.
Regenerate your soul.


Enhance your natural beauty.
Enhance your quality of life.
Enhance your understanding of how our services can benefit you.

Total Package Med Spa offers one of the most involved and innovative menus of services available in the medical spa market to date. We are dedicated to enhancing both quality of life and overall well-being. Our nationally recognized experts are passionately pursuing these goals through extensive training of our procedures and absolute diligence in the implementation of each procedure. We intend to become an integral part of the Aberdeen and surrounding communities, by educating the public about what services we offer and the benefits they bring that go above and beyond the services of a day spa or salon.


Our facial treatments are provided by our licensed medical professionals. We offer medical-grade treatments that reflect the newest, most effective, and highest quality available on the market. Our treatments center on conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, lackluster skin, red/brown spots, acne, and scarring. Face your features with Total Package MedSpa.


Our body is our life vessel, and we offer several services to get your body looking and feeling the way you deserve. Our treatments cover issues related to unwanted body fat, double chins, spider veins, unwanted hair, and sexual health. Embody your body with Total Package MedSpa.